Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Election Post or Shut up And Vote Already! or CAPS LOCK IS CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL!

Dear News Folk, Comedians, Politicians,

It has come to my attention that we are voting in 2 days. Awesome. HOWEVER. I think that it'd be in good taste to just stop talking about the election NOW. Honestly, this is long overdue. I've held my tongue while you constantly parody both candidates, create new bandwagons, hop on said band wagons, appear on popular late night television shows, and other such tomfoolery. HOWEVER, no longer. The candidates have both said their piece, have both made very clear where they stand, what they want, how much they're willing to pay to win via informercial, and how adorable yet vacant they are willing to be. Let. It. Go. Let's go back to talking about good things.


These past few weeks, pirates were holding a vessel full of old russian tanks, weapons, and other such delightful things. The Navies of the world descended upon them in a mighty blockade as they held out for a large ransom, and to top it all off, THEY GOT AWAY WITH IT.

However to get updates on this story, I had to HUNT. It was absurd. Anytime actual, real life pirates make the news, they should be FUCKING FRONT AND CENTER. Seriously.

But that's enough ranting.

Honestly I think its in the best interest of the nation, the children, the puppies, and the pirates if we just shut the fuck up and vote.



Sub Post:

Someone showed me this rad website, most of it was lame but this was mostly frightening but slightly awesome.

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