Wednesday, November 5, 2008


America faces a problem. This problem is not one to joke about. Millions of people a day are affected by this problem, and honestly, I've had about enough.

This problem is face-ism.


Facial Hair Racism.

All of a sudden, I'm just seeing a complete lack of beardage in the modern world. I bring this up in light of No Shave November AKA The Last of the Real Men's Men. Look at our presidential candidates. Neither had any form of facial hair. And honestly, I think that it's the 'stache that makes the man. Take this for example

Not Electable:


However, even facial hair has its limits....

Still Not Funny:

Plus, facial hair is commonly associated with jolly folk. Like Santa or Charlie Chaplin!

Seriously, name one bad person who had facial hair.


That's what I thought.

(Underlying point, anyone this month who notices my increasingly scruffy facial hair realize that I've taken the No Shave November challenge, and my manhood is on the line. I am truly sorry in advance for the neck beard.)

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