Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Look Back In Time

Now I don't know if of my 3 readers, any were major Nintendo 64 addicts, but if you grew up in the mid to late '90's, I don't see how you weren't. Today I was reminded of one of the gems of the N64 Era.

Pokemon Snap was the most wonderfully pointless game I've ever played. I'm pretty sure the basic concept is that you were the equivalent of a pokemon stalker. You'd kinda just find these things where they lived, and get pictures of them while they tried to evade. If I remember right, you weren't even able to move, you were perpetually on this little train track. More or less like a crappy virtual version of disney's animal kingdom. But what was even more awesome? The Graphics.

Makes games like Bioshock just plain unnecessary.

But yeah long story short, if anyone has a copy of pokemon snap, I would totally take it as a gift of some sort.

Sidenote: That Bioshock 2 teaser made me freak out. I loved the first one.

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