Monday, November 3, 2008

The Mysteries of the World

Wanna know what's cool about the universe and what not?

We know jack shit about most of it!

Like the ocean for instance.

We've explored like 1 percent of the total ocean floor. Which means that the rest is COMPLETLEY UNKNOWN.

Now lots of people figure that stuff like Atlantis is down there, but I'm holding out for the coolest of cool shit:

That picture is gigantic, but it describes how much I'm pulling for the existance of sea monsters and shit. I'd also settle for some kind of dinosaur.

And then you've got space, and don't even get me started on space. The universe is infinite which basically means that if you can imagine it, theres a good chance that youll find it somewhere out there. So I'm pulling for a planet made of bacon.

So basically, the universe is pretty rad.

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