Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Night

Okay, two posts in a day is excessive I know, and I hate to jump on the post election bandwagon. But as someone who never really knew which candidate to support, after hearing Obama's acceptance speech tonight, I'm 100 percent confident in him. I feel patriotic, I feel American, I feel hopeful, and most of all, I feel proud. Granted, it's his actions that will define his presidency, not words, but if he can move a nation like he did tonight just by talking, I'm convinced that he's the man who'll be capable of legitimizing America again. This country is in a rut, and we need a push to get out of it, and he'll give it to us. For the first time since my elementary school years, America has a president that is respected as a man of intellect and true american ideals. I'm interested to see President Obama's term begin, and I wish him and his family all the best, because the coming four years won't be easy, but we can all agree when we say that it'll be worth it if we can make some true changes.

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