Friday, December 5, 2008

The Punisher: War Zone

Okay, I'm going to preface this by sharing a secret with you all. One of my guilty pleasures is, yes, Punisher movies. I loved the first one, and I've always loved The Punisher as a character. I think the idea raises a lot of interesting questions, but unfortunately, the two prior movies have fallen flat in the end.

But this one changed things up a bit!!!

Basically, this movie didn't take itself seriously. Which turned out to be the key to being awesome. This movie was over the top, cheesy, comic book goodness at its very best. Whereas movies like the Dark Knight manage to legitimize themselves as films (with damn good reason considering Dark Knight was the greatest comic book based film EVER MADE. Don't Argue.) , the Punisher knows that it's simply an action movie, and doesn't try to weigh the viewer down with silly things like plot or commentary on society. The movie was funny in the same sense that Snakes on a Plane was funny. It knew it was ridiculous. Which I loved. They stuck to the source material pretty well too at the parts that mattered. (Nerd alert!!!) And overall I feel like this movie was a success. Ray Stevenson said his....4 lines....without stuttering. I'd comment on his acting, but there really was none. It was a lot of ol' Frank Castle kickin' ass and taking names.

If I had to sum up this movie in a sentence (The punisher is like....) I'd say.

The Punisher is like.....growing a plant made of sheer testosterone, harvesting it with an AK 47, rolling that shit in glass, and smoking it, to produce some form of Steven Segal PCP Style high. Followed by laughter, and then a nap.

Bonus Points For...

-Having a sub villain named "John McGinty and the Free Flow Gang"
-The last scene being legitimatly badass, followed by hilarious as the screen cuts to black. Go see it.
-Using every cheesy action movie line EVER (I.E. "See you in hell." "If I see you anywhere near hell, I'm gonna kick your ass!")

Overall Rating:


See it if you like movies that are kind of tongue in cheek. Watch it as a comedic action movie, and you wont be dissapointed. Watch it as a thought provoking film and you may find yourself in tears, and not for Frank's family.

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