Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Here's something that bothers me that just started happening. I belong to our local health club, Lifetime Fitness. Every time I go there, the routine is the same. I hand them my card. They swipe it, they say, "have a good workout."

So this week, I've gone twice. Both times there's been one subtle difference. They've said.

"Have a good workout, DAN."

Now i can only assume that these people are reading my name off the card, or the computer screen in which they swipe it. This wierds me out. Sure, it starts cordially with a name. But how much is encrypted in that card?

Where I live?

My hobbies?

My Fears?

That's just what I need.

"Have a good workout Dan, and you don't have to worry about that fear of dolphins, there are none in our pool."

I liked the nonpersonal relationship I had with desk girl before this started. Now I'm frightened. Way to go technology.

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