Saturday, March 21, 2009

I Love You, Movie

I would like to post a retraction. I said in a former post that this movie looked really lame. This movie was the absolute opposite of lame. As a matter of fact, I would make a bet that it will be the best comedy to come out this year. Here's why....

I Love You, Man was nothing short of genius. The story was extremely realistic and easy to relate to. My crack at the Lou Ferrigno comment actually made sense, and I bought into it. It wasn't just a random, "Look! There's the hulk!" They made an effort to sensibly work him into the plotline, which I appreciated. Plus, any man with a best friend can relate to some piece of this movie. I won't spoil some of the best jokes by citing too many examples, but one hilarious instance is Pete's (Paul Rudd) continual quest for a nickname for his buddy Sydney (Jason Segel) Which leads me to the next best part of this movie, casting. They casted this perfectly. Paul Rudd's character is basically made for him. When I saw Role Models, I thought that Paul Rudd was funny as a burnt out, dead end job working, cynic. However, I never fully bought it. However, In I Love You Man, his character is this young, straight laced, girlish man, and I think he plays this type of role much more hilariously. And as for Jason Segel, he was just absolutely hilarious. Every scene he was in, he owned as his testosteron driven, laid back, and brutally honest character Sydney. Also Andy Samberg playing a gay man bent on seducing straight guys was hilarious. Juno Dad was there too.

Other notes about the movie that don't need any form of elaboration, it had an awesome soundtrack. I liked it a lot.

Lots of Funny Hulk References.

So to make a long story short, I will make my bet right now that nothing funnier and more heartwarming than this wonderful movie will come out this year. You heard it here first.

I Love You Man gets all 5 Stars and then some.

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