Saturday, January 9, 2010

GLotion: It's a Game Changer.

I invented a product tonight friends. And I think it has promise. How many times in your life have you been sitting there with dry hands, in agony, yet not ready to surrender the use of your hands to greasy and awful lotions? Probably a lot of times. You cant just get your keyboard dirty, and this isn't an option:

No friends, it's a new decade, you're in the future now, and in our world of uncleanable keyboards and touch screens, it's hard to just sit back and let your hands moisturize, so I present to you, an option for a bright future: GLotion!

Gloves + Lotion = GLotion

Imagine just sitting down at your laptop, and being able to simultaneously fix your rough and dry hands. It'd be a perfect world.

GLotion is a pretty simple product.

It arrives on your doorstep in a pretty box. Inside it are special GLotion Gloves made of high class rubber extract from Ginko Trees in Northern Africa, and amazing GLotion Lotion made from all sorts of soft and soothing extacts from Swedish Mountains, and processed in Grandma GLotion's Super Secret Science Lab/Olde Style Family Kitchen. With the combination of these two technologies, your hands will be covered in protective love, that is easily filled with soothing lotion. Now you can do all the typing you want! This is the American Dream!!



So yeah. Look for invites to the focus group.