Monday, May 11, 2009

Green Day: 21st Century Whining

I turned on my computer today to find out that Green Day's album had been leaked onto Comcast Rhapsody a few days early, and decided to give it a listen. By the end of the album, I really only had one thought in my mind and that was,
"What in God's Name is Green Day still complaining about?"

Well as it turns out, they're complaining about everything. Religion, Americans, Love, and surprisingly politics. That last one is interesting, as Green Day casually takes swings at God and Government, almost ignoring the fact that the Bush years have passed. However, I managed to put the slightly annoying topic aside, and listen to what Green Day had put together for the world. Needless to say, I remained unimpressed. Green Day has succeeded in becoming the kings of complaint, which begs the question, aren't they getting just a little bit old for this? As Green Day whined on in the chorus of American Eulogy with such creative lyrics as, "I don't wanna live in the modern world," I couldn't help but realize that, although Green Day might still have a penchant for pointless rebellion, I no longer could stand to hear them out. This album proved to me that Green Day is simply just trying to sell more records. When American Idiot came out, I was skeptical at jumping from song topics like masturbation to politics, but I accepted that the album was very solid. However, when the administration changed, and things in our country started to improve, if only slightly, Green Day just kept whining, and like most babies, if they whine long enough, eventually someone is going to put them in the garbage.

However, Green Day doesn't have much to worry about. Seeing as the album is modestly edgy in the least offensive of ways, and practically crafted for radio, the album is a safe bet for Album of the Year. However judging from previous winners of that award, true music lovers will realize that Green Day peaked in the 90's, a long time before I was even of age to like good music. The Green Day we know and love has long since passed, and made the very easy decision to write for the Grammys instead of their fans. But it's cool, my little sister and her squad of 14 year old cohorts all love Green Day. They also love these young gents. Misery loves company I guess.

Long story short, 21st Century Breakdown should consider itself lucky that I don't rate below one star, because this album just sounds like rehashed, reworked B-sides from American Idiot. Buy this if you like listening to animal rights activists, eating paint, or watching Akeelah and the Bee.